How to Open a Sack of Rice

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If you're asian or you live in an asian country e.g. the Philippines you probably already know how to open a sack of rice. But that wasn't always the case, someone like your parents or your siblings probably taught you how to do it. It can be very difficult if you don't know how to open a sack of rice properly but with the right technique it can almost seem as if it's magic.

Here's an instructional video that you can follow to learn how to open a sack of rice

 How to open a sack of Rice:

1. Look for the shorter piece of the string that is sealing the sack shut.

2. Get your scissors (be careful!) and cut the part of the shorter string that is close to the sack.

3. If done correctly you simply then have to pull the string that is left on where you just cut and pull.

4. The string will just easily unthread and the sack of rice should now be open.

PS. If it gets stuck when you pull it, just cut that part again with your scissors and repeat step 3.

Enjoy your rice!

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