Low-Glycemic Rice Vs High-Glycemic Rice

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Brown Rice Glycemic Index

Wholegrain brown rice has the lowest GI (Glycemic Index), which means once digested, it releases its energy slowly, keeping blood sugar levels more steady, which is a crucial component of diabetes management.

The glycemic index is a ranking system used to compare different foods according to their effect on blood glucose levels after eating them. Foods with a lower glycemic index tend to be healthier because they cause less rapid rise in blood sugar.

There are many types of rice, including white, brown, red, black, wild, glutinous, and sticky. Brown rice is considered the healthiest because it contains more fiber than white rice.

White rice is often processed to remove most of its nutrients. In contrast, brown rice retains its natural nutrients and is therefore considered a better source of nutrition.

In addition to being nutritious, brown rice is also delicious. It has a nutty flavor and a chewy texture. It takes longer to cook than white rice, but it makes a wonderful side dish.

Brown Rice


Brown Rice

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